Opening Day

The golf course and club house are currently closed, however we are planning to open early May 2017.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are still in the process of getting our official website up and running, but in the mean time here are some answers to some frequently asked questions we have been getting:

  • When is the course opening?
    We have not set an official opening date as of yet. We hope to have the course open in the start of May. There is a lot of infrastructure work and golf course preparation to be done before we allow golfers on the course. If we can open earlier, we will.
  • What are membership fees this year?
    With the shortened golf season there will be no memberships sold. We plan to offer discounted daily fees and a monthly unlimited golf pass, with prices to be determined.
  • Is the restaurant going to be open?
    Yes, the restaurant will be open to golfers and the general public around the same time the golf course opens (approximately May 1st)
  • What are the plans?
    Plans are to begin construction on the golf course late summer 2017. The course will close completely while the re-design takes place. The course will remain 18 holes and there are plans to construct a driving range and practice area. Future plans include accommodations, restaurants, spa/wellness centre and other family friendly amenities.
  • Who is (are) the new owner(s)?
    The Mailman family has purchased the course and additional land on the highway-side of the course.


Any other inquiries (weddings/banquets/golf tournaments/tee times/sales reps etc.) please take a message and email/call corresponding employee with contact info and details of call.

Golf inquiries: Kyle Stoudt:     250-287-4970

Event/wedding inquiries: Amanda Mailman-Raleigh:   250-287-4970